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1 a trap for birds or small mammals; often has a noose [syn: snare, gin]
2 a loop formed in a cord or rope by means of a slipknot; it binds tighter as the cord or rope is pulled [syn: running noose, slip noose]


1 make a noose in or of
2 secure with a noose

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  1. An adjustable loop of rope, e.g. the one placed around the neck in hangings, or the one at the end of a lasso.


an adjustable loop or rope

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A noose is a loop at the end of a rope in which the knot slides to make the loop collapsible.
Knots used for making nooses include the running bowline, the tarbuck knot, and the slip knot. The knot most closely associated with execution is the Hangman's knot, which is also known as the "hangman's noose".
noose in Portuguese: Nó de correr

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O, allure, and quarter, annular muscle, annulus, areola, aureole, ax, bag, bait, bait the hook, birdlime, block, bola, braid, catch, catch out, chaplet, circle, circuit, circumference, circus, closed circle, cobweb, corona, coronet, cross, crown, cycle, death chair, death chamber, decoy, diadem, discus, disk, dragnet, draw, drop, electric chair, enlace, enmesh, ensnare, ensnarl, entangle, entoil, entrap, entwine, enweb, eternal return, fairy ring, fishhook, fly, foul, gallows, gallows-tree, garland, gas chamber, gibbet, gill net, gin, glory, ground bait, guillotine, halo, halter, hang, harpoon, hemp, hempen collar, hook, hook in, hot seat, interknit, interlace, intertie, intertissue, intertwine, intertwist, interweave, intort, inveigle, jig, knit, lace, land, lariat, lasso, lethal chamber, lime, logical circle, loom, loop, looplet, lure, lynch, magic circle, maiden, mat, mesh, meshes, nail, neck, net, orbit, plait, pleach, plug, pound net, purse seine, raddle, radius, ring, rondelle, rope, round, roundel, sack, saucer, scaffold, scrag, seine, snag, snare, snarl, sniggle, spear, sphincter, spinner, splice, spread the toils, springe, squid, stake, stretch, string up, take, tangle, tangle up with, the chair, tissue, toils, trap, trawl, tree, trip, turn off, twill, twine, twist, vicious circle, wattle, weave, web, wheel, wind, wobbler, wreath, wreathe
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